2005 – Resolution

Fiscal Year 2005

Date Number Subject
09/28/2005 2005-114 Adopting the Millage Rate for FY 2006
09/14/2005 2005-113 Approving the Solid Waste Special Assessment for FY 2006
09/14/2005 2005-112 Approving the Fire Rescue Special Assessment for FY 2006
09/14/2005 2005-111 Approving the Tentative Millage Rate for FY 2006
09/08/2005 2005-110 Green Land Estates Plat Approval
09/08/2005 2005-109 Requesting a $150,000 FRDAP Grant for the Acquisition of Real Property along the SW 172 Avenue Greenway Trail
09/08/2005 2005-108 Accepting a $200,000 FRDAP Grant for Public Recreation Facilities in Southwest Meadows Sanctuary
09/08/2005 2005-107 Revised Second (2nd) Amendment to the BSO Agreement for Law Enforcement Services
09/08/2005 2005-106 $10,000 Red Cross Donation for Hurricane Katrina Relief
09/08/2005 2005-105 Approving the Second (2nd) Amendment to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Agreement
09/01/2005 2005-104 Calusa Corners: Restrictive Covenant to Maintain Property in Accordance with the Town’s Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Florida Community Trust
09/01/2005 2005-103 Approving an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Pembroke Pines, Broward County, and Craven Thompson & Associates regarding the Sheridan Street Improvement Project from SW 172-196 Avenue
09/01/2005 2005-102 Approving a Piggyback Agreement with PBS&J for Disaster Debris Monitoring Services
08/10/2005 2005-101 CCA Site Plan Approval (1,500 Bed/223,796 Square Foot Facility)
08/10/2005 2005-100 CCA Plat Delegation Request to Allow a Correctional Facility
07/14/2005 2005-099 Stone Creek at Sunshine Ranches Entryway and Landscape Photometric Plan Approval
07/14/2005 2005-098 Humphries Hideaway Plat Delegation Request Approval
07/14/2005 2005-097 Vacating and Abandoning Right-of-way for Humphries Hideaway Plat
07/14/2005 2005-096 Escondido Estates Plat Approval
07/14/2005 2005-095 Agreement with New Community Services for Internal Audit Services
07/14/2005 2005-094 Approving a Planned Amendment to the Agreement with Heery International for the Phase II Capital Program
07/14/2005 2005-093 Agreement with CCA for Development, Construction, and Operation of a Correctional Facility
07/14/2005 2005-092 Agreement with Richard Rubin for a Grant Application for Broward County Water Resource Plan for Southwest Meadows Sanctuary and the Secondary Drainage Canals Interconnect Project
07/14/2005 2005-091 Terminating the Town’s Agreement with Ira Cor for Professional Land Acquisition Services
07/14/2005 2005-090 Agreement with Dig-It Tractor Services, Inc., for Traffic Calming Devices on SW 172 Avenue
07/14/2005 2005-089 Approving Nominations for the Florida League of Cities Florida Cities of Excellence Awards Program
07/14/2005 2005-088 Appointing Kathy Cox to the Parks Advisory Board
07/14/2005 2005-087 Southwest Meadows Sanctuary: First (1st)Amendment to the Interlocal Agreement with Broward County
07/14/2005 2005-086 Revising the Town Council Meeting Schedule
07/07/2005 2005-085 Designating NIMS as the Town’s Incident Management System
07/07/2005 2005-084 Approving the SNC’s Ranking of Internal Audit RLI Responses
07/07/2005 2005-083 Setting the Proposed Millage Rate for FY 2006
07/07/2005 2005-082 Solid Waste Assessment and Hearing Schedule
07/07/2005 2005-081 Fire Rescue Assessment and Hearing Schedule
07/07/2005 2005-080 Approving the Selection of Dig-It Tractor Services, Inc., for Traffic Calming Devices on SW 172 Avenue
06/09/2005 2005-079 Southwest Meadows Sanctuary Plat Approval
06/09/2005 2005-078 St. Mark’s Modified Site Plan Approval
06/09/2005 2005-077 Authorizing the Greene’s Summer Block Parties
06/09/2005 2005-076 Terminating the Agreement with Broward County for Traffic Engineering Services
06/02/2005 2005-075 Calusa Corners: Approving the Management Plan Between the Town and Florida Community Trust (FCT)
06/02/2005 2005-074 Agreement with Richard Rubin for a Grant Application for Intersection Improvements at Stirling and Volunteer Roads
05/19/2005 2005-073 Menorah Gardens Site Plan Modification Approval
05/19/2005 2005-072 Duke Estate Plat Approval
05/19/2005 2005-071 Agreement with Zieger Technologies Inc., for Governmental Accounting Software
05/19/2005 2005-070 Agreement with Rep Services, Inc., for Equestrian Park Tot Lot Equipment
05/19/2005 2005-069 Revised Annual Financial and Budget Management Policy Adoption
05/19/2005 2005-068 Rolling Oaks: Management Plan Approval
05/19/2005 2005-067 Revising the Town Council Meeting and Workshop Schedule
05/05/2005 2005-066 Authentication of the March 8, 2005 Election Results
05/05/2005 2005-065 Supporting HB 0195- Requiring School Boards to Schedule Teacher Planning Days in Conjunction with Election Dates
05/05/2005 2005-064 Calusa Corners: Inclusion of Management Plan in the Towns five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)05/05/2005
05/05/2005 2005-063 Calusa Corners: Declaration of Restrictive Covenants
05/05/2005 2005-062 Calusa Corners: Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Broward County
04/14/2005 2005-061 Extension of the Rural Arts Board and Appointment of Members
04/14/2005 2005-060 Extension of the Drainage Board and Appointment of Members
04/14/2005 2005-059 Extension of the Comprehensive Plan Board and Appointment of Members
04/14/2005 2005-058 Rescinding Resolution No. 2004-122, which Approved an Interlocal Agreement with Pembroke Park and Pinnacle Oaks, Ltd., for the development of Affordable Housing
04/14/2005 2005-057 Richard Rubin (RSR) Grant Writing / Comprehensive Plan Agreement: Second Amendment
04/14/2005 2005-056 Broward County Hazard Mitigation Plan Adoption
04/14/2005 2005-055 Traffic Calming: Ivanhoe Estates
04/14/2005 2005-054 Granting a Developed Area Determination to 16541 SW 62 Street
04/14/2005 2005-053 Prancing Horse Plat Approval
04/14/2005 2005-052 Number Intentionally Voided
04/14/2005 2005-051 Downey Ranches Site Plan Approval
04/14/2005 2005-050 Number Intentionally Voided
03/10/2005 2005-049 Approving the Avril Estates Plat
03/10/2005 2005-048 Approving the Romanello Ranch Plat
03/10/2005 2005-047 Approving Council Member Forest Blanton as the New Vice Mayor of Southwest Ranches
02/10/2005 2005-046 Authorizing The Town Administrator to Apply for a Credit Card to be Utilized for Official Government Purchases
02/10/2005 2005-045 Request to remove 172 Avenue from the Broward County Trafficways Plan
02/10/2005 2005-044 Approval to apply for grants from the Land and Water Conservation Fund for $200,000
02/10/2005 2005-043 Supporting Concerned Citizens of Broward in its Request for Funding for a Stop Smoking Program
02/10/2005 2005-042 Authorizing the Town Administrator to Prepare an Interlocal Agreement (ILA) with Broward County to provide for the Maintenance of a Local Area of Particular Concern on SW 178 Avenue and 66 Street
02/10/2005 2005-041 Approving the Contract with Wolf Tech Inc for Code Compliance Services
02/10/2005 2005-040 Approving the Contract with Heery International Inc for Capital Improvement Services
02/10/2005 2005-039 Approving the Agreement for Line of Credit for Calusa Corners
01/13/2005 2005-038 Delegation for French Oaks Plat
01/13/2005 2005-037 Approving the SNC selection of the Capital Improvement Team
01/13/2005 2005-036 Approving the Contract with Earth Advisors Inc for Mitigation Partnership Services
01/13/2005 2005-035 Approving the Contract with Kathleen Butler for Governmental Procurement Services
01/13/2005 2005-034 Approving the Contract with Southern Sports Inc for Parks Director Services
01/13/2005 2005-033 Approving the Contract with The Landscape Company
01/13/2005 2005-032 Intentionally Voided
01/13/2005 2005-031 Intentionally Voided
01/13/2005 2005-030 Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan Grant
01/13/2005 2005-029 Approving the Country Estates Open Space and Fishing Hole Park Restrictive Covenants
01/13/2005 2005-028 Approving the $6,900,000 Loan
12/09/2004 2005-027 Approving the Appointment of a new Board Member to the Friends of the Parks Advisory Board
12/09/2004 2005-026 Approving the Contract with Richard Rubin Inc.
12/09/2004 2005-025 Approving the Contract with Rhon Ernest-Jones for Engineering Services
12/09/2004 2005-024 Approving the Contract with Winningham & Fradley for Engineering Services
12/09/2004 2005-023 Approving the Contract with Miller Legg for Environmental Management Services
12/09/2004 2005-022 Approving the Contract with RJ Behar & Company Inc., for Engineering Services
12/09/2004 2005-021 Approving the First (1st) Amendment to the Contract with Michele Mellgren & Associates
12/09/2004 2005-020 Approving the agreement with SBDD regarding Canal Lateral #3
12/09/2004 2005-019 Approving the Holiday Schedule for Calendar Year 2005
12/09/2004 2005-018 Approving the Meeting Schedule for Calendar Year 2005
11/10/2004 2005-017 Approving a Sole Source Provider Agreement with Ricky Luck Inc., to provide Design, Fabrication, Transportation and Installation of the Equestrian Park’s Entranceway Features
11/10/2004 2005-016 Appointing a Selection and Negotiation Committee for Comprehensive Capital Improvements Contract Administration, Procurement, and Project Construction Implementation Consulting Services
11/10/2004 2005-015 Approving the Selection and Negotiation Committee’s Ranking for Infrastructure Management Services
11/10/2004 2005-014 Approving the Selection and Negotiation Committee’s Ranking for Environmental Management Services
11/10/2004 2005-013 Approving the Selection and Negotiation Committee’s Ranking for Engineering Services
11/10/2004 2005-012 Authorizing a Loan in an amount not to exceed $600,000 for the purpose of acquiring trees, plants, and accessories in conjunction with the Town’s purchase of the Country Estates Open Space Fishing Hole Site
11/10/2004 2005-011 Authorizing the Submission of a Grant Application seeking to Purchase Rural Public Open Space or Green Space
11/10/2004 2005-010 Requesting a one-year contractual extension from Broward County for Challenge Grant for the Equestrian Park
11/10/2004 2005-009 Approving an Agreement between the Florida Communities Trust for a Grant Contract Pertaining to Southwest Meadows Sanctuary
11/10/2004 2005-008 Adopting the Town’s Tertiary Drainage Plan
11/10/2004 2005-007 Approving a Donation in the amount of $11,625 to Southwest Ranches Volunteer Fire-Rescue, Inc, to be utilized for the purchase of the rented modular building situated on the Town’s Public Safety Complex Site
11/10/2004 2005-006 Establishing a Zoning in Progress for all Lighting not directly associated with a Single Family Residence
11/10/2004 2005-005 Intentionally Voided
11/10/2004 2005-004 Requesting a $200,000 Grant from FRDAP to Assist in Constructing the First Phase of the Public Recreational Facilities in the Southwest Meadows Sanctuary
10/14/2004 2005-003 Approving an Agreement with South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) for a Mitigation Partnership Program
10/14/2004 2005-002 Approving the First (1st) Amendment to the Agreement with John Canada & Associates Inc, for Town Administration Services
10/14/2004 2005-001 Authorizing the Town Administrator to Request a Draw from the Pooled Commercial Paper Loan Program