2003 – Resolution

Fiscal Year 2003

Date Number Subject
09/24/2003 2003-81 Adopting Final Millage Rate
09/12/2003 2003-80 Reimposing Solid Waste Assessments
09/12/2003 2003-79 Reimposing Fire Rescue Assessments
09/12/2003 2003-78 Adopting Tenative Millage Rate
09/10/2003 2003-77 Approving Starbucks Coffee Site Plan
09/10/2003 2003-76 Approving Williams Plat
09/10/2003 2003-75 Finalized Lot Boundaries Sunhawk Stables Plat
09/10/2003 2003-74 Amendment to Resolution 2003-62 Southwest Ranchers United Donation
09/10/2003 2003-73 Amendment to Michele Mellgren and Associates Agreement
09/10/2003 2003-72 Grant Application Preparation Approval for Griffin/Flamingo Entryway
09/10/2003 2003-71 Reassignment of Solid Waste Contract to Waste Management, Inc
09/10/2003 2003-70 Acceptance of the Rural Design Arts Grant Report
09/10/2003 2003-69 Amendment to Town Council Workshop Schedule
07/10/2003 2003-68 Relating to Solid Waste Services, Programs and Facilities, and Imposing Assessments
07/10/2003 2003-67 Relating to Fire-Rescue Services, Programs and Facilities, and Reimposing Assessments
07/10/2003 2003-66 Agreement: Interlocal with City of North Lauderdale for Affordable Housing
07/10/2003 2003-65 Changes to Schedule of Meetings and Workshops for 2003
07/10/2003 2003-64 Event Schedule for 2003
07/10/2003 2003-63 Proposed Millage Rate and Budget Hearing Schedule
07/10/2003 2003-62 Donation: $25,000 to SWR United for Engineering Expertise in South Broward Drainage District Case
06/12/2003 2003-61 Revising the Dates for Submission of the Report and Recommendations from the Charter Review Advisory Committee
06/12/2003 2003-60 Agreement: Richard Rubin, Inc., for Affordable Housing and Comprehensive Plan Amendment Services
06/12/2003 2003-59 Change of Town Accounts for Public Depository, Community Bank of Broward
06/12/2003 2003-58 Agreement: Interlocal with Broward for National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
06/12/2003 2003-57 Agreement: Second (2nd) Amendment with Broward Sheriff’s Office
05/08/2003 2003-56 Agreement: Option and Lease with Omnipoint Inc for Camouflaged Flag Telecommunications Tower
05/08/2003 2003-55 Agreement: for $12,500 with Zyscovich Architects for Reuse Architectural Services and Consulting
05/08/2003 2003-54 Approving Presentation to Broward County School Board for Conceptual Partnership and Development of a High School
05/08/2003 2003-53 Agreement: Interlocal with Broward County for Distribution of Local Option Gas Tax
05/08/2003 2003-52 Agreement: South Florida Water Management District (SBDD) for Development and Maintenance of Mixed-Use Recreational Trail
05/08/2003 2003-51 Submission of Applications for Open Space Grants for 16-Acre Site at Griffin Road and SW 190 Avenue
05/08/2003 2003-50 Prepare Land Use and Control Measures Meeting the Criteria of the National Flood Insurance Program
05/08/2003 2003-49 Agreement: Interlocal with School Board of Broward County and Various Municipalities for Land Use and Public Facility Planning
04/10/2003 2003-48 Uniform Equestrian / Multi-Use Roadway Crossing Designs
04/10/2003 2003-47 Appointing Resident Tracy Swait to the South Broward Drainage District Charter Revision Committee
04/10/2003 2003-46 Appointing Resident Linda Isaacs to the Communications Committee
04/10/2003 2003-45 Agreement: Cimetta Designs, for Rural Identification Design Program
04/10/2003 2003-44 Inclusion of Conceptual Park Management Plan in 5-Year Capital Improvement Program
04/10/2003 2003-43 Submission of Applications for Transportation Enhancement Funds
04/10/2003 2003-42 Grant Application: Rural Open Space Parcels, Bay Tree Islands Park
04/10/2003 2003-41 Grant Application: Rural Open Space Parcels, Frontier Trails Reimbursement
04/10/2003 2003-40 Grant Application: Rural Open Space Parcels, Future Town Hall Site
04/10/2003 2003-39 Grant Application: Rural Open Space Parcels, Adjacent to New Testament Church Site
03/13/2003 2003-38 Selection of a Cimetta Designs for “Rural Identification Design Arts Program” Grant
03/13/2003 2003-37 Agreement: With Richard Rubin & Associates for 2003/2004 Expanded Grant Application, Development and Follow Up for $175,000
02/13/2003 2003-36 Delegation Request: Modify Plat Note for South Florida Hindu Temple
02/13/2003 2003-35 Development of Agreement with SFWMD for “Greening of the Ranches” Program
02/13/2003 2003-34 Appointing a Nine (9) Member Rural Public Arts Advisory Committee
02/13/2003 2003-33 Appointing Eleven (11) Residents to Communication Committee
02/13/2003 2003-32 Appointing Final Four (4) Charter Review Advisory Committee Appointments Through Random Drawing of Names Volunteered
02/13/2003 2003-31 Terminating Agreement with S&B Projects; and approving an Agreement with Richard Rubin & Associates, Inc., for Grant identification, Writing and Follow Up for $78,000
02/13/2003 2003-30 Agreement: With Wolf Tech, Inc for Code Compliance Services for $70,000 Annually
01/16/2003 2003-29 Establishing a Communication Committee
01/16/2003 2003-28 Appointments by Each Council Member for the Initial five Members of the Charter Review Advisory Committee
01/16/2003 2003-27 Authorizing Town Attorney to Negotiate and Bring Forth an Agreement with Wolf Tech, Inc for Code Compliance Services
01/16/2003 2003-26 Second Amendment to Agreement with MPO (Metropolitan Planning Organization) for Reappointment Plan
01/16/2003 2003-25 Agreement: With Community Cable for Franchise
01/16/2003 2003-24 Agreement: For Drainage and Driveway Improvements, Not to Exceed $35,000
01/16/2003 2003-23 Site Plan: Modification to South Florida Hindu Temple Site Plan
01/16/2003 2003-22 Site Plan: Estates at Sunshine Ranches
12/12/2002 2003-21 Agreement: With Pompano Construction for City of Sunrise Water System at Equestrian Park
12/12/2002 2003-20 Revising Dates for Creation of Charter Review Advisory Committee
12/12/2002 2003-19 Requesting Funding for SW 184 Avenue from Griffin Road to Sheridan Street
12/12/2002 2003-18 Agreement: With MCF Framing for Fencing at Rolling Oaks Open Space Park, Not to Exceed $34,560
12/12/2002 2003-17 Holiday Schedule for 2003
12/12/2002 2003-16 Meeting and Workshop Schedule for 2003
12/12/2002 2003-15 Policy on Application, Interpretation and Implementation of Town Codes and Related Documents Concerning Lot Sizes and Dimensions
12/12/2002 2003-14 Plat: Macmurdo
12/12/2002 2003-13 Site Plan: Landscape, Lighting and Turn Lanes for Grace Baptist Church
12/12/2002 2003-12 Plat: Southwest Pines
12/12/2002 2003-11 Delegation Request: Modify Sunhawk Stables Plat
11/07/2002 2003-10 Appointing a Council Representative to Broward County Fire-Rescue Services Advisory Board
11/07/2002 2003-09 Agreement: With MCF Framing for Construction of Fencing at Equestrian Park
11/07/2002 2003-08 Site Plan: Modification to Tom Thumb Food Stores Site Plan
11/07/2002 2003-07 Site Plan: Modification to New Hope Assemblies of God Site Plan
10/10/2002 2003-06 Plat: Modification to Griffin Road Church of Christ Plat
10/10/2002 2003-05 Agreement: With Strelkow & Associates for Griffin Road Landscape Architecture Services
10/10/2002 2003-04 Agreement: With Broward County for Solid Waste Disposal Services
10/10/2002 2003-03 Desire to Become a Contract Community with Broward County for Solid Waste Disposal Services
10/10/2002 2003-02 Transmittal of First Comprehensive Plan to Department of Community Affairs (DCA)
10/10/2002 2003-01 Procedures for Public Participation During Preparation and Amendments of Comprehensive Plan