2009 – Resolution

Fiscal Year 2009

Date Number Subject
09/17/2009 2009-089 Approving and Adopting the Final Millage Rate for taxation of real property in the Town for FY 2010.
09/17/2009 2009-088 Establishing the rate of Assessment for FY 2010; imposing Solid Waste Assessments against assessed property within the Town; approving the Assessment Roll.
09/17/2009 2009-087 Reimposing Fire Assessments against assessed property located within the Town; establishing the Rate of Assessment; approving the Assessment Roll.
09/17/2009 2009-086 Amending Resolution 2009-014 by revising the Town’s Emergency Medical Services Fee Schedule.
09/08/2009 2009-085 Approving a Tentative Millage Rate for taxation of real property lying within the boundaries of the Town for FY 2010, commencing October 1, 2009 and ending September 30, 2010.
09/03/2009 2009-084 Authorizing FY 2008-2009 Budget Amendment.
09/03/2009 2009-083 Accepting donation of water tank from Alyn Kay.
09/03/2009 2009-082 Approving Partnership In Preservation Agreement for Southwest Meadows Sanctuary Park.
09/03/2009 2009-081 Approving Agreement with South Broward Drainage District (SBDD) for the Irrigation Intake Lines in Canal/Canal Maintenance Easement for the Irrigation System at Country Estates Fishing Hole.
09/03/2009 2009-080 Review of Country Estates Open Space and Fishing Hole Park Conceptual Master Plan.
09/03/2009 2009-079 Recognizing the City of Tamarac’s Achievement Award for Environmental Stewardship at the Florida League of Cities Conference.
09/03/2009 2009-078 Establishing Rules, Regulations, and Usage Policies relating to the Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park; establishing a fee schedule governing the use of the park’s amenities, including, but not limited to, the pavillion and equestrian facilities.
07/28/2009 2009-077 Establishing the Public Hearing relating to the collection and disposal of solid waste
07/28/2009 2009-076 Establishing the Public Hearing and Publication Dates relating to the provision of Fire Services, Facilities and Programs
07/28/2009 2009-075 Setting the proposed Millage Rate establishing the date, time and place which Public Hearings will be held
07/16/2009 2009-074 Authorizing the Town Administrator to prepare and to submit a Grant Application for the Environmental Protection Agency for the Climate Showcase Communities Grant Program
07/16/2009 2009-073 Authorizing the Town Administrator to prepare and submit a Grant Application for the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program Fund Park Development within Rolling Oaks Park
07/16/2009 2009-072 Authorizing the Town Administrator to prepare and to submit a Grant Application to FEMA for drainage improvements
07/16/2009 2009-071 Approving a Delegation request to eliminate the non-vehicular access line dedicated by the Rodriguez Plat located along SW 190 Avenue and SW 63 Street
07/16/2009 2009-070 Approving the Permont Estates II Plat
06/18/2009 2009-069 Opposing the Broward County School Board’s Methodology for reducing its workforce as it applies to West Broward High School
06/18/2009 2009-069B Revise SNC Resolution 2009-015
06/18/2009 2009-069A Currie Sowards
06/18/2009 2009-068 Approving the Town Administrator’s selection of Debra Doré-Thomas as the Town Clerk
06/04/2009 2009-067 Authorizing Alyn Kay to work Pro Bono assisting the Town in implementing and inspecting landscape and irrigation improvements associated with the Griffin Road widening project
06/04/2009 2009-066 Ratifying the preferred hiring criteria, job description, and job duties for the Town Clerk
06/04/2009 2009-065 Ratifying the Acceptance of a $1,000 Grant from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to purchase a Traffic Statistics Computer
06/04/2009 2009-064 Approving Standards relating to Event Insurance and Performance Bond Requirements
05/21/2009 2009-063 Local Gas Tax Amendment
05/07/2009 2009-062 A Superior Towing Company Piggy-Backing Contract with the City of Plantation and the City of Hollywood
04/30/2009 2009-061 Approving the Agreement with Town Administrator Charles H. Lynn
04/16/2009 2009-060 Approving the First (1st) Modification with Miller Legg Agreement
04/16/2009 2009-060-A Construction Manager at Risk Cone of Silence
04/16/2009 2009-059 Approving the Second (2nd) Modification with Rhon Ernst-Jones/IBI Group Agreement
04/16/2009 2009-058 Approving the Second (2nd) Modification with Winningham & Fradley, Inc. Agreement
04/16/2009 2009-057 Approving the Third (3rd) Modification with RJ Behar Agreement
04/16/2009 2009-056 Approving the Sixth (6th) Modification with the Mellgren Planning Group, Inc. Agreement
04/16/2009 2009-055 Appointing members to the Revenue Enhancement Advisory Board
04/16/2009 2009-054 Accepting a donation of Live Oak Trees from Greene Tree Nursery
04/16/2009 2009-053 Luke’s NurseryManagement Agreement
04/16/2009 2009-052 Approving budget amendment to Fiscal Year 2008-2009 budget
04/16/2009 2009-051 Zoning in Progress, pursuant to Section 005-240 of the Town’s Unified Land Development Code, to prohibit new signs and modifications that utilize illumination
04/02/2009 2009-050 Sutton Ranches Plat
04/02/2009 2009-049 Approving the SNC recommendation for Town Administrator positio
04/02/2009 2009-048 Agreement for construction of offsite improvements as part of County Road Project relating to Griffin Road access to Southwest Meadows Sanctuary Plat
03/19/2009 2009-047 Approving Lease Agreement with Toshiba Financial Services for the lease of two copy machines
03/19/2009 2009-046 Approving a waiver of sidewalk requirements relating to Southwest Meadows Sanctuary Plat
03/19/2009 2009-045 Approving the First (1st) Modification to the Rhon Ernest-Jones Consulting Engineers, Inc. Agreement
03/19/2009 2009-044 Approving the Second (2nd) Modification to the RJ Behar & Company, Inc. Agreement
03/19/2009 2009-043 Approving the Fifth (5th) Modification to the Mellgren Planning Group Agreement
03/05/2009 2009-042 Creating the Revenue Enhancement Board
02/19/2009 2009-041 Authorizing Administrator to prepare and submit Grant Application for the Parks for Preservation Land Stewardship Grant Program
02/19/2009 2009-040 Encouraging 2009 Florida Legislature to Equalize Funding
02/19/2009 2009-039 Second (2nd) Modification to the Agreement with CSI Code Services, Inc.
02/19/2009 2009-038 First (1st) Modification to the Agreement with RJ Behar & Company
02/05/2009 2009-037 Appointing a Selection and Negotiation Committee for the position of Town Administrator
01/15/2009 2009-036 Appointing a Selection and Negotiation Committee for Engineering Services
01/15/2009 2009-035 Regional Road Concurrency Agreement with Broward County relating to the Southwest Meadows Sanctuary Plat
01/08/2009 2009-034 Appointing two additional At-Large members to the Recreation, Forestry, and Natural Resources Advisory Board
01/08/2009 2009-033 Accepting Parks for People Land Stewardship Grant
12/11/2008 2009-032 Approving the SNC Committee’s recommendations and ranking for Comprehensive Plan Updating and Evaluation Appraisal Report (EAR)-based amendment services
12/11/2008 2009-031 Piggy-Backing onto Coral Springs’ contract with A & A Drainage, Inc., as a secondary provider of maintenance of storm sewer catch basins
12/11/2008 2009-030 Approving Miguel Lopez, Jr., Inc. to provide roadway and traffic signage maintenance services
12/04/2008 2009-029 Approving a year-end Budget Modification to the 2007-2008 Fiscal Year Budget
12/04/2008 2009-028 Appointing Council Member Fisikelli to serve as the representative on the Metropolitan Planning Organization
12/04/2008 2009-027 Comprehensive Plan Advisory Board re-appointments and new appointments
12/04/2008 2009-026 School and Education Advisory Board re-appointments and new appointments
12/04/2008 2009-025 Rural Public Arts and Design Advisory Board re-appointments and new appointments
12/04/2008 2009-024 Recreation, Forestry, and Natural Resources Advisory Board re-appointments and new appointments
12/04/2008 2009-023 Drainage and Infrastructure Advisory Board re-appointments and new appointments
12/04/2008 2009-022 Fiscal Year 2008-2009 Budget Modifications
12/04/2008 2009-021 2009 Holiday Schedule
12/04/2008 2009-020 2009 Meeting Schedule
12/04/2008 2009-019 Intentionally left blank
11/13/2008 2009-018 Approving SNC recommendation to reject all proposals and to reissue the Request for Proposals relating to Information Technology Services
11/13/2008 2009-017 FCT Grant
11/13/2008 2009-016 Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) Fire Agreement First (1st) Amendment
11/13/2008 2009-015 Construction Manager at Risk SNC Appointment
11/13/2008 2009-014 Emergency Medical Services Fee Schedule
11/13/2008 2009-013 First (1st) Modification to Agreement – Assistant Town Administrator-Elbert Wrains
11/13/2008 2009-012 Declaration of Restrictive Covenants and the FCT Revised Grant Award Agreement for the Southwest Meadows Sanctuary Property
11/13/2008 2009-011 Appointing Council Member Steve Breitkreuz as the new Vice Mayor
10/02/2008 2009-010 Approving the First (1st) Modification with Wellmasters
10/02/2008 2009-009 Appointing the SNC in conjunction with the Town’s Procurement of Comprehensive Plan
10/02/2008 2009-008 Approving the Selection andNegotiation (SNC) Committee’s Recommendations and Ranking for Roadway and Traffic Signage Maintenance Services
10/02/2008 2009-007 Revising the Town Council Meeting Schedule
10/02/2008 2009-006 Rescinding Resolution No. 2008-088 authorizing the Town Administration to submit a Grant Application for FRDAP
10/02/2008 2009-005 Supporting efforts of Governor Crist and South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) to acquire land south of Lake Okeechobee
10/02/2008 2009-004 Minuteman Press Printing and Mailing Services
10/02/2008 2009-003 Latitude 26 Publishing and Graphic Design Services
10/02/2008 2009-002 Requesting Florida Legislature to fully fund Traffic Magistrate Program
10/02/2008 2009-001 Public Safety Site Plan Amendment