2012 – Ordinances

Fiscal Year 2012

Date Number Subject
10/01/12 2012-09 Adopting the 2013 Budget.
07/12/12 2012-08 Amending the Town’s Procurement Code.
06/14/12 2012-07 Amending Comp. Plan to Regulate and Restrict Recreation and Open Space Uses.
06/14/12 2012-06 Amending the Town’s Flood Plan Protection Standards.
06/14/12 2012-05 Amending the CIE of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan.
05/10/12 2012-04 Amending the Town’s Code of Ordinance to Create a New Section in Conformity with Broward County’s Ethics Code.
03/08/12 2012-03 Appointing the Town Clerk as the Custodian of Public Records.
11/12/11 2012-02 Amending the Code of Ordinances Entitled “Administration” for the Adoption of a Fee Schedule for Building Permits.
11/01/11 2012-01 Amending the SWR ULDC Article 45 Entitled, “Agricultural and Rural Districts” to Permit Cemeteries.