2009 – Ordinances

Fiscal Year 2009

Date Number Subject
09/17/09 2009-15 Approving and Adopting the budget for FY 2010.
09/03/09 2009-14 Amending the Town of Southwest Ranches Code of Ordinances to provide a section entitled “SPECIFIC PARK RULES AND REGULATIONS”, providing for the enactment of specific park rules and regulations governing each town park by resolution.
06/18/09 2009-13 Repealing Ordinance Number 2007-11 relating to vacating, closing and abandoning a certain portion of S.W. 136th Avenue.
05/21/09 2009-12 Creating a new section of the Town’s Code entitled “Supervision, Confinement, and Tethering of Canines, A.K.A. Nikki’s Law”.
04/16/09 2009-11 Amending the Code of Ordinances to create a new section entitled “Placement and Removal of Agenda Items”.
04/16/09 2009-10 Comprehensive Plan Amendment to the 10-year water supply.
03/19/09 2009-09 Grant Drainage Easement to SBDD.
03/19/09 2009-08 Codification.
02/05/09 2009-07 Approve Uniform Method Of Collecting Assessments.
02/05/09 2009-06 Remove Traffic Calming Gate Arm At 185 Way.
01/08/09 2009-05 Revised Volunteer Policy.
12/11/08 2009-04 Southwest Meadows Sanctuary LUPA Approval.
12/04/08 2009-03 Capital Improvement Element Comp Plan Amend.
11/13/08 2009-02 Establish Emergency Medical Fees.
10/02/08 2009-01 Lake Lane Vacation-Gavrilious.