2010 – Ordinances

Fiscal Year 2010

Date Number Subject
09/20/10 2010-12 Fiscal Year 2011 Budget.
09/01/10 2010-11 Rezoning and changing the zoning classifications for the Town Parks known as Southwest Meadows Sanctuary, Calusa Corners, Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park, Country Estates Fishing Hole, and Frontier Trails.
06/17/10 2010-10 Proposing amendments to the Town’s Charter in 2010 General Election.
06/17/10 2010-09 SW 50 Manor Vacation.
06/03/10 2010-08 Pig Ordinance.
04/15/10 2010-07 Amending the Capital Improvements Element of the Comprehensive Plan by updating the five-year schedule.
02/18/10 2010-06 Fisikelli rezoning-Michael and Rebecca Fisikelli, to rezone property at NW corner of SW 166 Ave and 69 St. FROM A-1 Agricultural Acres TO RE Rural Estate District.
02/04/10 2010-05 FPL-repealing Ordinance 2000-3 and granting to Florida Power & Light Company, a new electric franchise; imposing provisions and conditions relating thereto; providing for monthly payments to the Town.
01/21/10 2010-04   Registration of Lobbyists.
01/21/10 2010-03 Code of Ethics.
01/07/10 2010-02 False Alarms.
12/03/09 2010-01 Adopting the EAR Based Amendments; adopting various updates and amendments to the Town’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan.